Please read for International Orders


At the moment I am only able to accept orders within the United States. Because Tictail does not allow shipping to be determined by weight and destination, I have had to make a guess as to the price of international shipping. Tictail has stated that in 2018 they will make it possible for shipping to be determined by weight, but until then if you are abroad and wish to purchase something please contact me directly,, with the following information...
  • Put "International Order" in the subject line
  • A list of the products you are interested in along with a quantity for each product
  • Your name (first and last) and shipping address
Thank you to all my international friends :)

How payment works...
I'd prefer to arrange payment of the products first and once it has shipped I will send an invoice for the shipping cost. Paypal preferred, but other arrangements can be made if necessary.

*please do not add this as a product, it is simply an announcement for those wishing to buy internationally.